Corrugated carton boxes

Innovative machine for the production of cardboard packaging

See film of machine

What to do when the customer orders a box for today? Use Autobox2 to produce it quickly from any cardboard that you have!

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Cutting, creasing and printing takes place in one cycle

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Description of Machine

Boxmaker slotter machinep class="m-top-20">Cross-cut

Solarco Zemat


Cardboard Creasing machine

Intuitive setting

Flexo printer

Flexo printing

machine for FEFCO box production
Digital Servo Engine Technology
Slot maker box machine
Many style of FEFCO
flap box machine
Modular scoring knives

Benefits of machine

  • Machine working widths: from 1250mm to 3000mm
  • The ability to modify standard boxes FEFCO / FPF / OPF / RSC
  • Very fast machine setting. There is no need for additional tools or dies
  • Ecological digital power supply and low power consumption
  • Modular vaccinating knives
  • Metal Creasing Rolls
  • Knives cutting by the sheets height
  • Scalpel knives
  • Cross-cut in 3 different versions
  • Mini flexo print
  • Working with various cardboards even high grammature

    See film of machine
  • Aditional modules

    Thanks to built-in additional modules, the cardboardbox production machine is able to cut the form so that the packaging can get the required shape.

  • The module for cutting the form can, among others, cut off the "leftovers" next to the gluing flap
  • The cross-cut module cuts off the excess of the sheet by its width.
  • The punching unit cuts openings in the carton, e.g. for ventilation.

  • Slotter machine box production


    Knives cutting the cardboard form
    Fefco machine


    Cutting module for long forms.

    Punching unit

    Cutting out handles or holes
    Box making machine


    box production machines


    automatic box production

    Intuitive setting

    corrugated board

    Flexo print

    Technical information


    ~85m/min creasing

    Maximum sheet length

    no restriction

    Working with cardboard

    Cardboard 3 layer: flute B, C, E / Cardboard 5 layer: flute BC, BE

    Length of scoring knifes

    300, 400, 500mm

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